essay on recycling OF 400 WORDS?

essay on recycling OF 400 WORDS?

Four-hundred words is about five paragraphs long, so you could use the five-paragraph essay method to give your essay structure. Your paragraphs will only need to be around six sentences long, so it’ll be easy.

Before anything else, narrow down your topic. How do you feel about recycling? Probably that it’s important? Make your topic “Recycling is important” and then make a list of reasons why it’s important. A pretty easy topic.

How to Write a Five-paragraph Essay
1. Your Introductory Paragraph
This should include some interesting information about the parent topic, recycling. Maybe you could give some impressive sounding recycling statistics. At the end of this paragraph, place your thesis statement. This is just what your essay is about, so it should be a fancier version of “Recycling is important because… (list the topics of the following three paragraphs).”
2. In the next paragraph, write one reason why recycling is important. Start out the paragraph broad with a general statement, and then get more detailed with statistics. This should also be your strongest reason.
3. Repeat 2 with a new reason.
4. Repeat again. Put your least detailed reason here.
5. Take about five sentences to restate the three reasons why recycling is important. The last sentence should be a call to action urging people to recycle.