~~~Essay problem~~ Pleasee!!!?

~~~Essay problem~~ Pleasee!!!?
Well Im entering in a boarding school and it says “what do you intend to provide for the school”
What should I say!? I’ve NEVER been asked that, and what could you possibly do! awww Im frozen!!

Well, think–what do you have to offer? What talents, what special abilities? Are you a team player? A leader? Have you had any experiences you can share? Done some volunteer work that gives you some special insight or that you might interest others in doing? Yes, it probably seems too much like bragging, and it probably won’t hurt to say just that–but then go on to say something, modestly, about whatever you have to offer or share.

When I wrote graduate school recommendations for my students, I was always glad to be able to things like “a delight to teach” and “an asset to any class.” If you’re sure you have some people writing such recommendations about you, maybe also mentioning your community activities and good character, you might take a chance on saying in your essay that you don’t like to recommend yourself, but that you hope the letters of recommendation others have provided will speak for themselves.

Here’s another tip: If you simply sit down to write something, beginning at the beginning and going on to the end, you may find yourself just sitting there staring at the screen or chewing the pencil. Don’t worry yet about how to begin! Just scribble down any words or phrases that you can think of in your favor. Don’t worry, either, about complete sentences or order or even spelling. You can sort all of that out later. Once you’ve drained your mind of everything you might say, then you can decide which things to point forward, to adapt from what you have done to what you can do for that school. Scratch out what you decide isn’t worth using, arrange the rest into the most effective order, and THEN think of an opening sentence. If your essay is supposed to be around 200-250 words, you can get it all into one paragraph (unless the instructions specifically say to write several paragraphs). Then one possible ending would be to say that you hope to make the school glad it admitted you. (I used to end my letters of recommendation by saying that the graduate program to which my student was applying would be glad it admitted her/him.)

Good luck!