essay prompt help?! story of an hour?

essay prompt help?! story of an hour?
i have to write a 500 word essay on the shot story ” The story of an Hour” by Kate choppin.

And the teacher gave us a question that we have to go off for the story and it’s —

Chopin contrasts Mrs. Mallard’s profound grief with the details of the scene that she sees through her bedroom window in “The Story of An Hour.”

20 points to best answer!! please!! i just don’t get ehat to do i dont get what its asking?

here is the link to the story its really short

thank you so much

(it may be a little hard to get 500 words in there, try putting a lot of quotes in the paper)
but you know the part where she’s looking out the window and:

1st there’s signs of spring : representing new life, even though she doesn’t know it yet

then its the blue sky- which represents her freedom (like a bird flying in the sky- there’s a reason her name is mrs mallard)

then finally it hits her that she is free, that her husband is dead and she can have a new life. and the blue sky represents her freedom again, although this time she accepts it.

try to be wordy and put as many quotes as possible in your paper to take up room. maybe use the three parts i gave you as the three body paragraphs and then have an intro and conclusion.