essay question help?

essay question help?
I am applying for a summer program at U Penn and this is the essay question:
“Describe a significant person or event in your life and how this has affected your decision to study a specific topic in college or pursue a specific career later in life.”
Let’s say I want to major in biomedical engineering in college but nothing specific really drives me to pursue that career. I have always been interested in science since I was in elementary school. The reason why I want to be a biomedical engineer is just that I love science. I love physics and machines. I love engineering. And I love biology too.
Should I tell them how I gradually built my love for science or should I just make up an event that has affected my decision to study biomedical engineering?

You do not just become interested in something out of the blue. If you wrote what you have thought about, you will not be responsive to the question. They might like it for your thinking outside the box and ignoring the call of the question, or you just might flunk.

It talks about a significant person or an event. Events could be when you first read about a cancer stricken child, perhaps a total stranger, but it motivated you with an additional intensity. You could say that you have always been interested in the subject matter, but since the call of the question also asks for a significant event or person; you do recall an event that may have further cemented your goals and desires…

A singer once wrote a song, a candle in the rain, he was inspired by a little child who loss is life due to transfusion and contracted HIV, died of aids. Think of something like that.