essay questions?

essay questions?
wat r 3 good essay questions that u can write fot the mytholgy timeless tales of gods and heroes that can be answered in essay form?

What he said are simply comprehension questions – hardly the stuff a good essay is made from, unless you can draw in other things to talk about.

The key to any good essay is finding things that different stories have in common (ie, the son kills the dad) and exploring what other things they have in common, and what things are different. (He feels sorry he killed his dad, but in the other story it is a triumph, and he eats him.)

If you can make this unifying theme of your essay some hot-button political topic (ie women’s roles/depictions of power in the myths) you will often get a better grade.

So look for stories that have things in common. For instance, the fifth part of the book has three families. I think a good preliminary question would be – how is power and authority handled in these families? Do we see a transference of power? What role does the mother play in seeing the tranference of power from father to son?

Then give it a good title like “Feminine Power during transition as depicted in Mythology: A study of the Royal houses of Thebes and Athens.”

Then pull in some stuff you found in other sources about women’s roles in these societies, quote a few, pad out the bibliography, and it should do well.