essay thingyy!?

essay thingyy!?
i am doinn this essay letter thing about the driving age.
and im for it. i think it shuld stay the same
but, idk what to write. if u culd help me with this id be soo happy. PLEASE AND THANKYU!

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The fact that you’re for it staying the same but don’t know what to say pretty much tells me that you just came up with that answer off of the top of your head – it’s not an opinion you could back up with valid facts, statistics, reasons, etc.

This is why you need to get on Google or elsewhere and do some research both into reasons why people think the driving age should stay the same and why people think differently. I came up with several resources by typing “keep driving age the same”, and “raise driving age” (and “lower driving age”, but I think that’s more an opinion of kids and not mature adults).

Once you come up with your research and basic knowledge of both standpoints, you can start your paper.

The best format you can use is probably what I tend to use when I have a for/against essay:

Paragraph one: introduction. What you’ll be writing about, what you’ll be trying to prove (thesis), etc.

Paragraph two, three and four: Pick a viewpoint that others have about why the driving age should be raised for each paragraph and refute their standpoint using your own logic/facts/research.

Paragraph five: closing. Restate what you’ve said, maybe give a few more brief reasons why you believe the driving age should stay the same, and then end the paper on a note that is positive to your viewpoint.

Good luck!