Essay topic examples?

Essay topic examples?
For yr 9 english I have to write an essay which has to do with entertainment. It is a persuasive piece of writing and we have to chose someone who we think is a good entertainer and write about them, give examples of why they are a good entertainer. I first thought Helena Bonham Carter (actress)because I absolutely love her and not too many people know of her, I’d like to try and persuade people that she is a great entertainer, however I”m not sure what points I could make for each paragraph, I mean I know alot about her but I really not sure. Whats your opinion?????

For a persuasive essay, you will want to use your opinions supported by facts. It is good not to choose someone who is well known because the person will not already have a background opinion or bias on the subject.

For a good structure, start out with an into paragraph and a thesis stating your main argument. Your first body paragraph could be, for example making a point that she has lots of experience, participating in productions from “A pattern of roses” in 1983 to her most recent, “The King’s Speech” and “Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows” in 2010-11.

For your second body paragraph, you could make the point that she is a very good actress in how many awards she has both received and been nominated for, as well as her work with Tim Burton.

Use topics like these for however many more body paragraphs needed with some of your own flare on top of facts to be as persuasive as possible. Finish off with a strong conclusion, restating the thesis, and summing up all that was covered in your body paragraphs and topic sentences.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!