Essays about “the thrill of the chase”?

Essays about “the thrill of the chase”?
Does anyone know of any essays/works of writing about how many people only want what they can’t get, and the moment something becomes attainable it is no longer appealing to them? Possibly with links? Thank you

The best expression of this idea comes from Gratiano in _The Merchant of Venice_ (Act II, sc. vi)

…………Who riseth from a feast
With that keen appetite that he sits down?
Where is the horse that doth untread again
His tedious measures with the unbated fire
That he did pace them first? All things that are,
Are with more spirit chasèd than enjoyed.
How like a younger or a prodigal
The scarfèd bark puts from her native bay,
Hugged and embraèd by the strumpet wind!
How like the prodigal doth she return,
With overweathered ribs and ragged sails
Lean, rent, and beggared by the strumpet wind!