examples of thesis statements for an english essay.?

examples of thesis statements for an english essay.?
im writing an essay to prove why the book Brother I’m Dying is a depressing story and im a little stuck at the thesis statement.
heres what i have…My purpose for writing this is to prove to readers why Brother I’m Dying is simply a depressing story.

is that any good..any suggestions?improvements? or totally different/better thesis statements are welcome but rude comments are not 😀

Thesis Statement- your purpose for writing the essay, its not a summary of the book(just incase you didnt know what a thesis was :))

one of the first things i learned in high school english was to not begin your thesis statement with, “the reason i am writing this is..” or “i will be telling you about..”
try to make your essay as impersonal as possible, avoiding using words such as “i” or “me”, and more professional.

a good thesis statement should be confident and not wavering based on your opinion. you want the reader to think your opinion is the only one and you are right

make your thesis something like,
brother i’m dying is a depressing novel because .. etc

hope i helped haha
good luck!