Expository Essay on Holistic Medicine?

Expository Essay on Holistic Medicine?
I have to write an expository essay and I have chosen the topic of Holistic/Humanistic Medicine and its benefits. I actually got the idea from watching the movie Patch Adams(treating the person, not the illness)….However, I am having trouble with the thesis statement and 3 subtopics for the paper….I also have to interview someone who has chosen this as a career. Any help you could give me would be GREAT!

You could cover how healing the body as a whole is better than focusing only on one small part of it. You could have one of the subtopics cover how drugs work vs how holistic medicine works… that drugs focus on making 1 specific reaction regardless of what else it may do in the body (eg. side effects). Another subtopic could be pointing out some types of holistic medicine (Chiropractic, diet-based, etc). Hmm… maybe the first subtopic would be why it’s important, why it’s better, or why someone may choose holistic vs “conventional” medicine.
As far as interviewing someone, you could probably pick a Nutritionist, Dietitian, or Chiropractor since most of those typically focus on holistic treatment. Good luck and I hope I helped!