I have a spanish, O.T., math final on the 1st day

then Science and English (where i have an essay gag!)

then History( no study guide!)

and I have a gym final also somewhere in there 7 pages! how do i study??? Do you think if I study all of the topics at night for three days i will do good????

Any tips???

Listen, first you need to relax, getting stressed won’t help. I’m a procrastinator so here’s how the mind game goes, you can’t get the highest grade in a matter of days YET you can pass fairly well. Pace yourself, you have to pace yourself, calmly yet somewhat quickly review what you can. Instead of cramming all, go for the essentials, only study that which is important in terms of the time you have and if you still have time then go to the small things you need. You have to eat breakfast, you have to munch on something and YOU have to go to sleep on time, cram during the day, not at 2am…its going to make things worse. Again, just calm down and quickly review, its not the end of the world, I know it sounds a little ” ” but getting anxious is not going to solve anything at all so why stress?? smile…..and review

*Try to find a summary book for those classes which you dont have a guide for or use your notes, you’ll be ok.