Five Page Essay Due in a Week?

Five Page Essay Due in a Week?
I’ve never written such a longer essay in my life. I’m a sophomore in high school and my topic is the Armenian Genocide. Any tips on how to turn in a great paper?

Write long paragraphs. I am a freshman but have been in your shoes.

For intro:
Briefly describe what went on (3 sentences)
Write three or four main things that went on during the Armenian Genocide (these make up your body paragraphs; who did it and why, who were being killed and how, what was done to stop it, what happened in the end; these are suggestions)

Body Paragraph 1:
Brief opening statement (To begin with we have… whatever you want)
Supporting details (3 to 4 sentences)
Quotes (make sure you transition into [sentence for this] by building up to what the quote will say [i.e. We know that the Armenian government were discriminating on the Armenians.]; then you have your quote; then you analysis your quote [The Armenian government discriminated the Armenian people because they were *what the quote talks about*])

The other body paragraphs basically flow the same as Body Paragraph 1 shows so just follow that outline.

Recap what happened
Reiterate main point
Tell us how we can learn from this OR what this teaches us

If you use this structure and make sure to add a lot of detail, I do not see why you can’t get a five page essay done about the Armenian Genocide. I hope this helped!