Formal Essay Question?

Formal Essay Question?
In a FORMAL essay how many sentences should i have? I’m a junior in high school in an AP History class and have always been iffy about how many sentences i need to use. Around how many should i get my point across…?

Why are you counting sentences…?

You should at least have five paragraphs (An introduction, at least three body paragraphs, and a conclusion), with a minimum of five sentences each. But honestly, what you need to do is write until you don’t know what to write about anymore. Pick a topic/viewpoint and then go in depth in the paragraph, then pick another topic. In the end, you should have a lot of writing. It should be no problem, since it’s an AP class and you’ll know a lot of information. I know, when I was taking my APUSH test, I wasn’t thinking about how many sentences I had, I was thinking about writing down everything I knew about the subject and I was able to get by fine.