Getting into Stanford, Duke or Northwestern?

Getting into Stanford, Duke or Northwestern?
I am an African American with a 3.9 GPA doing the IB Diploma. I’m a really good student, i have 4.0s freshman and sophomore year but during junior year, i was homeless for a bit so my GPA dropped a bit because i got a C in math.
I have taken the SAT 2 times and i got a 1920. I really want to go to Stanford or Duke, and i have really good extra curriculars and recommendations. (I’ve gotten many awards for leadership and service). And i’m really good at writing college essay.
I don’t know what to do, my SAT scores are too low, is there a possibility of me getting into any of these schools? or should i just not even try?
I want to be a doctor and i’ve been working really hard towards this, i just had a really hard time junior year. I left everything behind and moved to the US from Africa because i wanted to go to these colleges.

Out of those schools, duke and northwestern have the highest acceptance rates. If you were homeless, WRITE ABOUT THAT IN YOUR ESSAY. Leave the admissions officers with something that they will not be able to forget. The fact that your African American will help you a lot too. Many schools are dying to become more diverse. I would say apply to all three. And remember, the SAT isn’t everything. 1920 is actually not that bad.

The other guy has some good things to say, but I would still stress to apply to all three. Don’t get scared from applying to Stanford. There was one person from my community college who only had a 3.0 or 3.2 college GPA who got in to Stanford. When he went to the admissions officer and asked, “Why did I get accepted when there are so many people with higher GPA’s than me?” the admissions officer replied “To this day, I still remember your application essay.” Your essay can make a difference, and it seems like you have quite some story there so go for it! Apply to all three!