Go ahead and try this writing prompt or what?

Go ahead and try this writing prompt or what?
I had read a couple articles on writing prompts and one was on using anger to fuel writing and another was about writing an angry letter to a friend and not send it.

Anyway, I thought about doing the same thing but instead of a letter it’d be a personal essay on a subject I get fighting mad and very emotional about like for instance, people hunting animals for sport. Although I more than likely won’t publish it, I don’t want to turn it into a rant, I’ll mainly be writing this essay to get a few things off my chest and show how I feel about the subject I’m writing about.

Think I should go for it or what?

It’s a great idea. It will be good practice for constructing an argument, and may help you organize your thoughts if you ever do need to argue these points with someone.

Any writing is good writing. You can put this sort of thing in your journal. If you practice frequently, reread what you write, and determine why it does or doesn’t work, you’ll learn how to become very persuasive. At the same time, you might lean how to keep your cool when talking to people with whom you disagree because you’ve dispelled a lot of your anger on the page.