Good enough SAT Score?

Good enough SAT Score?
Is a 1660 a good SAT score for college? (that doesn’t count the essay, the essay is a 8; is that good for college?)

Yes, that is a good score. The average score is 1540 which is 64.5% of 2400. Your score is 69.1% of 2400.

The 8 you received is the sum of the two scores given to you on your essay. The maximum total you can receive is 6 from each reader = 12. A 7 is considered good and 12 is excellent.

Universities such as UCLA are said to require 1900 or above, but they also look at well-rounded students with lower scores.

If you have a few colleges in mind, call their admissions office and ask what they are looking for in an SAT score.

Did you know you can take the SAT more than once? Some colleges will take your highest scores in each category. Others will only take your highest test date.

For instance, if you took the SAT and scored:
Math: 500
Writing: 600
Reading: 500
Total: 1600

…and then took it again and scored:
Math: 650
Writing: 650
Reading: 450
Total: 1750

Some colleges would see it as this:
Math: 650
Writing: 650
Reading: 500
Total: 1800

Others would see it as the 1750 figure. If you didn’t like that, you could take it again.

Either way, you have an opportunity to increase your score if you’d like. Good luck in college!