Good essay paragraph starters?

Good essay paragraph starters?
Has any one got any good paragraph starters for essays? I have:
In addition,
In contrast, etc… but I need some more- any good ones?

What makes a good essay it ‘linkage’, that is, linking one paragraph with the next.

If you can take either words or ideas from the end of your last paragraph and use it/them as a starter for the next, it’s very easy and an essay starts to flow effortlessly.

Example –

The average amount of spam circulating on global networks was 75% but during peak periods, spam accounted for as much as 95% of e-mail traffic (IBM 2004), so although spam itself is inconvenient and a nuisance – spam containing some form of virus can be a threat to the computer’s contents.

‘Virus’ is a generic term which is understood by most users but which in fact refers to other types of threats including spyware and malware (Camp et al. 2006). Worms, Trojan horses, Rootkits and many more are all threats to the computer.

An individual can assist in the reduction of their digital divide thereby increasing the likelihood of their integration, by being aware of alternative methods of access to technology and with the realisation that facilities such as Internet cafes, community centres and the majority of public libraries offer free access to computers, which if utilised could benefit their ‘Social Capital’.

There are advantages to having what is termed social capital, which is a mutual contact for the benefit of all. “Some scholars believe that Cyberspace decreases social capital, in contrast,…others asserted that it transports social capital among people” (Sum 2006). However, using the internet to add to one’s social resources seems to make much more logical sense.

*Hopefully you can see from these examples (Hons.1 Grad.) how one paragraph continues the theme of the previous. This makes your task of ‘paragraph starters’ that much