Good Hook For Persuasive Essay???

Good Hook For Persuasive Essay???
Im writing a persuasive essay for selling kidneys and i am for it? im having troubles writing a good hook.,,,,what shuld i do

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Well, the way I write persuasive essay intros is start with a general description, then become more and more specific. Intro paragraphs are always structured this way, in 5 sentences:
1. General idea
2. Adding more information to general idea
3. Turning point, very specific, but not there yet
4. Nail the exact topic
5. Name your point of view.

Remember, never use personal pronouns (I, you, me, etc.)!
In today’s world, there have been many controversial points of interest (GENERAL IDEA). These topics range from medical decisions to politics (SPECIFYING THE GENERAL IDEA). Points of controversy in medical decisions may include abortions, transplants, and vegetative state (ALMOST THERE). One of the most talked-about matters amongst many is selling organs, such as kidneys (NAME WHAT YOU ARE WRITING ABOUT). Selling kidneys should not be frowned upon for a number of reasons (YOUR POINT OF VIEW).

After that, you’d write the rest of your essay about the matter.
Of course, this is just an example. You’d use better vocabulary and proper punctuation, right?