good idea for Photo Essays?

good idea for Photo Essays?
i have a school project in Desktop and i am haveing a hard time thinking of a theme to use. i need a subject where i can get 5 to 7 photos and strong. if you have any ideas please let me no


My dads’ ex girlfriend had a few exhibitions…..

First, PLEASE correct/work on your grammar! To know something is to “know”, not “no”….also Upper space ( capital letters) make a difference. No matter how brilliant your photo essay is, it will lose credibility (and possibly marks) if there is a lack of basic English. And ‘haveing’ is actually spelt-having.

Ok, here are a few photo essay ideas; people and their front yards IN their front yards. You may want to do this “American Gothic” style or more random.

Another one; mechanics’ hands shot close up in B+W with their work space shot out of focus.

Another one; Kids at your school with their favourite cafeteria meal shot like a David La Chapellle pic.

Another one; make the theme”love”…people who love their pets/ houses/ lovers/ husbands/ wives/favourite clothing/ best memory related to love etc, you get the point:)

Last suggestion; High exposure elderly people with their favourite object…..either in their house or garden.

Hope you present a good essay and have fun doing it! Also, if you have student I.D, show it to all of your subjects so they are assured of their privacy and even have some sort of contract to guarantee that their images will only be shown for learning purposes. You’ll get more ‘real’ subjects this way ’cause they’re relaxed.

Good luck!