Good ideas on how to write a good 5 paragraph essay?

Good ideas on how to write a good 5 paragraph essay?
I am gonna be taking the GED writing test soon and the writing test requires us to write a good 5 paragraph essay and I want to do my absolute best on it, so I was wondering what advice can you give me on how to write a good 5 paragraph essay for the GED writing test.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you soo much!

Firstly, don’t use abbreviations or normal ‘speak’ (as you have in your question – ‘I am gonna be’)
and I suggest that you ignore @Shannon’s suggestions as this will certainly mark you down.
The use of “In conclusion” when when introducing your last sentence (which should be your last) and “To start with”, “I want to talk about” in your introduction, will lose you substantial marks.

With only five paragraphs to write, you should have,

3 Body paragraphs

The first paragraph should give a brief (perhaps 3 – 4 sentences, or fewer) description of what the topic will be about and finishing with a sentence either asking a question which can be answered in the main 3 paragraphs, or an arguable point, which you can discuss in the body of the essay.

You should then write the 3 paragraphs giving or arguing points raised in your Introduction.

The Conclusion should have a solution to the question you asked in the first paragraph or the result of your arguments.

If you have used any quotes from the web then make sure you cite them properly without changing anything in the quote.

*I assume this essay will be done in class but if you want to practice in advance, you’re more than welcome to send me an attempt and I’ll go over it for you.