Great European witch hunt?

Great European witch hunt?
Writing essays for my history class.
I have to do one on The Great Europen Witch Hunt.
I’ve googled and read my text book.
If you were the teacher, what would be the main points you would want me to discuss?
It’s only suppose to be detailed important paragraph

I’d personally look for the causes of the Witch Hunts that swept Europe. There were more than one and they varied by area, but everything from being the village “creepy” person to someone else wanting your stuff/land/just not liking you or a sudden outbreak of disease prompting a search for the person who is “responsible” for the malady could all be pointed to as causes of increases in “witch hunting” or the initiation of witch hunting in areas where it had not occurred previously. So basically, greed and fear.

You know your teacher better than anyone here, though, so go with your gut on what the focus of your essay shall be and be sure to run spell check and a grammar check before you turn it in.