greeks and romans?? HELP PLEASE!! ?

greeks and romans?? HELP PLEASE!! ?
Why is it that Rome managed to create a lasting empire while no Greek, including Alexander the Great, did so?

Compare and contrast Greek society with Roman.

please help me i have an essay to do on this & i dont know where to start looking! please help me it would be veryyyyyyyyy much appreciated!!

Ancient Greece was just a mosaic of small states, essentially city states with some land around, who, as soon as they grew to have some excessive influence, were fought by a coalition of other cities. In the end, nobody was ever capable of staying on top for very long.

Alexander conquered an empire, and maybe he would created a lasting one, but he died too young. His Hellenistic empire was split in four major pieces.

Rome managed to beat all its neighbors in Latium, and later in Italy into submission, and progressively took over the known world.