Hamlet essay about how he is not mad?

Hamlet essay about how he is not mad?
ok, i have a lot of quotes and research about how Hamlet is actually feigning madness, the only thing i’m having trouble with is the what to put the body paragraphs on…can you help? thanks!
ps – this is a grade 12 university level

i don’t need quotes or research! only ideas for the body paragraphs!

Well the quotes it self doesn’t show what he thinks all the time, only how he acts, you can always justify that he is acting to trick everyone to think he is mad, especially for example when he told Ophlial he didn’t love her in act three, but this can be justifiy for his playing a role “acting” because in act 5 when he found out she was died, he was sad, mad, emotional, about the lost of his life, you could do a compare constrast on how hamlet at times was rational, and other times wasn’t rational, as long as you have quotes to back you up, your opinon can be either one,