Have I cited authorities on my topic?

Have I cited authorities on my topic?
This is a question I need to answer for a self writing evaluation, but I am not sure what it means, as it is in regards to my final essay. Please help!! It’s due tonight!!

Okay all that means is did you get your information from a reliable source? And did you give that person credit?

Here’s an example of a sentence that does NOT cite authorities on a topic.

Comics use panel-to-panel closure to create a sense of time.

Here’s the same sentence but one that DOES cite authorities.

In _Understanding Comics_, Scott McCloud explains that comics use panel-to-panel closure in order to create a sense of time (34).

The (34) gives the page number. I would have that book in a works cited list at the end of the essay.

If you’re writing a persuasive essay, it should be okay to write something like “According to the Department of Natural Resources, over ### gallons of water are used by the average American in one day.” (no need to make a works cited list or bibliography. ask your teacher about that though!) But it wouldn’t be okay to just say “The average Amerian uses over ### gallons of water in one day.” because we don’t know where you got the info.

Hope that helps!