Have to write a 500 word essay on april greiman, have no idea how to start it?!!! any ideas?

Have to write a 500 word essay on april greiman, have no idea how to start it?!!! any ideas?
it is an ilustrated study so images can be used

April Greiman (born 1948) is a contemporary designer. She is recognized as one of the first designers to embrace computer technology as a reliable tool starting in 1984 and, to a lesser extent, for introducing the New Wave aesthetic to the United States.

Presently, she heads Los Angeles-based design consultancy Made in Space. An insistent innovator, April Greiman works at the border zone of the discipline labeled graphic design, at the intersections of video, computer graphics, architecture and environment. She is interested in altering our perceptions of the relationship between two- and three-dimensional space: On the printed page she removes all the coordinates that are normally used to locate the viewer and instead launches the viewer headlong into deep space and saturated color. With buildings, she renders solid walls diaphanous through her application of video imagery in oil paint.

Her work evolved from her graduate education at the Schule für Gestaltung Basel in Basel, Switzerland. As a student of Armin Hofmann and Wolfgang Weingart in the early 1970s, Greiman was not only influenced by the International Style, but also by Weingart’s introduction to the style later to become known as New Wave, an aesthetic less reliant on the Modernist heritage. Greiman is credited with establishing the New Wave design style to the US during the late 70s and early 80s, along with early collaborator Jayme Odgers.

Proceeding the mid-80s, designers avidly avoided computers and digitalization, viewing them as challenges to the crispness of the International Style. However, Greiman did not feel that this should be a limitation; rather, she exploited pixelation and other “errors” in digitization as part of digital art.

In 1982 April Greiman became head of the design department at the California Institute of the Arts.

In 1986 Greiman used the Macintosh computer’s rudimentary capabilities to create an issue of the journal Design Quarterly, edited by Mildred Friedman and published by the Walker Art Center, entitled Does it make sense? This notable issue has since become one of the key staging posts in the evolution of graphic design. She re-imagined the magazine as a poster that folded out to almost 3×6 feet. It contained a life-size, MacVision-generated image of her outstretched naked body adorned with symbolic images and text— a provocative gesture which emphatically countered the objective, rational and masculine tendencies of modernist design.

Ever since, Greiman has continued to pioneer new technologies and to challenge prevailing attitudes toward graphic design. One of her most recent laboratories for experimentation is Miracle Manor, a desert spa retreat that she co-owns with architect Michael Rotondi, and which amply showcases her talent for applying texture, color and materials to 3-dimensional space as well as her sensitivity to a building’s potential to resonate with its natural landscape.

Among many other accolades, Greiman is a recipient of the American Institute of Graphic Arts Gold Medal for lifetime achievement. She has received 3 honorary doctorates: Kansas City Art Institute; Lesley University, The Art Institute of Boston; Academy of Art University.