Healthcare college admissions essay help?

Healthcare college admissions essay help?
I have 3 questions I have to answer in the essay, which is supposed to be 2 to 3 pages long.

I’ve had issues since i was in middle school for writing essays. I draw blank after blank and then when i get an idea, i start typing and it doesn’t come out right.

If i could have some advice and tips on how to write it easier that would be great.

I’m trying to get into a Healthcare college for a Practical Nursing degree. They require all students applying for the program to turn in this essay.

Essay: Submit a typed, two to three page motivational essay. Address the following points in your essay:
statement of your motivation for helping others, why you will be successful as a health care proveder and why you with to attend Clarkson College.

Thanks so much in advance!

Brooklyn, here are some resources which I think will be able to help you in writing your grad school admissions essays. All of these websites were published by reputable universities, so they can be considered reliable sources of information.

The first resource is a page entitled “Application Essays” put out by the Writing Center of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. This site takes you through all the steps of creating a good application essay, from brainstorming ideas to writing the final draft.

The second resource is “Tips for Writing a Personal Statement” put out by the Health Professions Program at Carnegie Mellon. This page focuses on the structure and style of a successful essay.

The third resource is “Writing the Personal Statement” by the Purdue Online Writing Lab. This site includes examples and advice from admissions officers at various universities as well as general tips.

The fourth resource is “Writing Personal Statements Online: A Handbook for Students Applying for Scholarships and Graduate Study” hosted by Penn State. This website is a comprehensive manual for writing personal statements for graduate school applications and scholarship applications.

One more resource I would like to mention is your local library. Many companies such as the Princeton Review publish sample essays and advice on writing a successful admissions essay, and your library likely carries a few. If you do not know where your local library is, you can find it by searching . A librarian at your library can also help you find some local resources.

I hope that helps!

– Devorah Singer
Student in Library and Information Sciences