HELP About The Undertaker Character !!!?

HELP About The Undertaker Character !!!?
I have an essay for tomorrow and here are the instructions:

”1. Choose a favorite character from a television show you watch regularly. What details are provided (either in the show’s dialogue or in its visuals) to communicate the personality of this character? Would you say the person is a stock character or a rounded (real) one? Write your essay making a case for your position.”
That is the question that I have to answer on my essay… I really don’t watch TV regularly, but the only show I watch is WWE Monday Night Raw and, sometimes, SmackDown!

I was thinking about selecting the character of the Undertaker… You think that it is a good character to select ??? Did the Undertaker plays a REAL character or a STOCK character ??? If Undertaker is not a good character, what other WWE character can I pick ??? What details can I provide about the personality of the Undertaker ???
According to my Fiction book, stock characters ”are often known by some outstanding trait or traits: the mad scientist of horror movies, the fearlessly reckless police detective of urban action films… stock characters are especially convenient for writers of commercial fiction.”

Real Characters (according to my book): ”human personalities become familiar to us.”

Well, you have to approach your character of the Undertaker differently. Because he is not meant to be familiar to us because he doesn’t have a human personality. His personality is more mystical and supernatural. Start your essay by making a list of character traits about the Undertaker, then make a list of character traits of a typical stock character that the Undertaker is MOST like and compare them. If he has enough similarities to a stock character, then he is a stock character. If not then he is unique.The stock character that the Undertaker is most like is a large, powerful, supernatural menace. Kind of like Dracula. He is the most like Dracula when it comes to character models, or maybe a typical horror movie villian. But he is also an anti-hero and does have human characteristics. He is shown as being vulnerable…meaning he can be hurt. Sometimes he loses. Sometimes he bleeds. So he has a human side. But he does have a mystical, powerful and supernatural presence and he does things normal people can’t do. (Appearing out of nowhere, returning from the dead, etc. etc.)

I would say Undertaker is a cross between a stock character and a unique character. I wouldn’t write about anyone else in the WWE, b/c the Undertaker would be easiest to write about. He is the character who is the most LIKE a stock horror movie villian. The other wrestlers can’t be compared to stock characters I don’t think. Unless it is Vince McMahon. McMahon is definitely a stock character. He’s the rude, and mean corporate boss type.

You understand what a stock character is right? They are just character stereotypes. Think of stories with characters who are similar. Like action movies..there’s always a relentless good guy who is tough but has a soft side. In horror movies there’s always a big, tall, and invincible bad guy who doesn’t talk much. (hint hint, the Undertaker…) In detective movies there’s always a jaded, cynical, rough-around-the edges detective looking for the truth while trying to get the girl. In fantasy movies there is usually a loner hero type who has an important destiny to fulfill. Just sit down and start brainstorming what you will write about. Get all your facts down on paper, and research before you begin your essay. Then it will be easy.