HELP!!! ENGLISH ESSAY what would make schools better?

HELP!!! ENGLISH ESSAY what would make schools better?
Hey guys. I need some help here. I need to write a persuasive essay about how schools could increase the amount the students learn. I was hoping that I could write it on how we need more hands on projects, but I don’t have any evidence of that. please help me with your comments and your opinions on how school can increase your learning. If you agree with me on the hands on thing, can you give me any expert opinion or a quote from you that i can use. THANKS so much!

u can use my quote if you please. (i came up with it based off of what my teachers say)

“Some students learn better if they have hands on things.It is just the way that their mind works, I mean seriously we don’t all learn in the same ways. The way our brains work/ how we learn is that we go based off of trial and error, that is how we learn.”

if we are in a comfortable zone we have a greater potential to pay attention because if we are in an uncomfortable zone we will be most likely think about how my back hurts or think about getting home and sitting on the comfortable couch, do to the hard plastic chairs. but the administrative office will have to be careful on how comfortable it is because if its too comfortable we may fall asleep.