Help! good law topic!!?

Help! good law topic!!?
hi guys, i desperately need help to think of a topic for my essay! i have to write an AUGMENTATIVE essay on a topic related to LAW! it can be in any country or issue in the world. my essay has to be about 8 pages long, so im hoping someone can give me good topics and possibly some good arguments to go with that topic.

I really, greatly, appreciated any help

thanks in advance 🙂

A law essay would necessarily elaborate on law, which binds us together and allows us to live in harmony with each other. Every day we maintain public behavior which is governed by law. We are committed to live our entire lives regulated by it. It becomes second nature. Use the following tips when attempting to write one.

The most important aspect is your subject matter or topic. Choose this wisely, because your arguments have to be supported by information backed by law. What this means is you follow the verbatim subscribed by law. The approach to presenting this data is established, and it would be wise to follow the pattern prescribed.
Spend a reasonable amount of time in brainstorming. Your ideas could be literally revolutionary in terms of introducing an amendment to law if you can support your argument beyond any reasonable amount of doubt. Think out of the box, and you would reach a situation where your presentation could be valuable.
Make notes of all the material you referenced. You never know where it would be useful. If you come across interesting information not necessarily related to your current topic, note it down. This would definitely become useful in some other law essay paper you attempt. The time utilized to gather this data would be saved as you have probably already researched the matter for another project.
A sample college essay for a law entrance test would include topics like “Why A Lawyer,” “Am I qualified To Be A Lawyer,” or “Am I Fit To Fight For Social Justice.” These are common topics chosen. Your approach is more important. For example, if you start your first line with a routine, “I am qualified to be a lawyer because …” you would probably make the admission officers think of repetition. Be more imaginative, especially when introducing your essay. Nothing works better than innovation.
An argumentative essay suggests you go in for controversial subjects. The interest factor gets a big boost when you do so. Controversy always has a way of attracting readers. The argument you place might spark off a strong debate in favor of or against your point of view, but you could always bring more readers to it using imagination and innovation. A good essay always sets a pattern which could be followed by others.
The study of crime has motivated many to write a criminology essay. This is very related to law and its effectiveness. Crime has been there since time immemorial and for law to be effective it has to be sensitive to change. This is where you have to improvise and be imaginative.
The following tips should help you to write easily. In a politics essay,language and the use of it makes a lot of difference in presentation. Similarly, you have to use flair combined with appropriate research which would enable you to write great law essays. ~~