HELP! How do i write a defintion essay about beauty?

HELP! How do i write a defintion essay about beauty?
I’m very confused on how to write a definition essay and I chose to write it on beauty. I know already that a definition essay goes beyond the succinct information about an idea that can be found in a dictionary and discusses it in-depth but I need ideas PLEASE help???

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

I agree that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder because beauty comes from within your soul. People have different ideas and tastes, so ideas on what is beautiful vary from person to person. This is proven when you look around in the world which we all share.

There are countless ways in which beauty is shown to us all. It could be in nature, like the waterfalls or the sunset or even a hurricane; some people may think that it’s exotic to see the skies fierce and dark. It all depends on who you are and what you believe in. For example, imagine a girl and a guy sitting on a dock by the sea, their hands entwined with each other but they are both looking in different directions. The girl is staring straight ahead watching the sunset. In her eyes it’s one of the most beautiful moments in the world. The guy, however, is looking at the girls’ face while she is in awe by the sight before her eyes. Read more here: