Please help me! i have to write a narrative one page essay on an observation activity we did in biology class but the thing is i can’t use the word “I”. does that mean i cant use we or us either? how should i write it? the observation thing was that we had to observe and interpretate an object but i dont know how to explain it!! Please help me!!! Thanks sooooo much to ANYONE who answers!

Here are some simple steps in order to you to type narrative essays:

1. Be ready to tell a story. In basic terms, a narrative essay is a work of narration: storytelling. The most important brick of building a narrative essay is a plot or storyline. Right after you get the topic in your hand, take a fresh, vibrant page and start brainstorming your plot.

2. Have some type of setting. A plot has a varying structure. But, you need to have a setting: a place where your story starts or takes place at the beginning. You need to describe the setting- it’s physical appearance, either with the help of descriptive words or even metaphor and imagery.

3. Then you should build your characters, which can be as many as you want. However, it is advised to always keep your focus on one or two characters, because that makes writing less pressurizing. Intricately, describe your characters features, include their speech, behaviour and also how one contradicts with the other.

4. Meanwhile, you should think of your climax, the twist in your story. It could be a death, a secret finally revealed, etc. Do not introduce the climax right in the beginning or all of a sudden, prepare your reader slowly for the climax and bring it at the end. This will keep the reader glued to the final word.

5. As you are building for your climax, give the reader small hints. So that when the climax appears the reader is screaming and grunting, “Hell, no, I knew it then. He’s the one!”.

6. Describe all the situations like the reader can visualize it. Use sensory words and include all five senses: sight,touch, hearing, smell and taste.