HELP, i don’t know how to begin a rhetorical analysis. this is frustrating me.?

HELP, i don’t know how to begin a rhetorical analysis. this is frustrating me.?
How do i begin one, what should be included in the introduction?

How do i divide up the paragraphs? Can each one be a separate subject like: pathos, ethos, logos, cause and effect?

if so, how can i organize them? what order?

please help. thx.

Start with content, not form. If you are hung up on what your essay will look like, you will miss the important part which is that it has to say something interesting or useful.

This is going to be very vague because you haven’t said anything about your text, but here are the basic steps. Make notes about things you want to say about the text. Write down questions that you have to research (not necessarily big-deal research, stuff like words to look and points to check) From those notes think about conclusions: Do you see any over-arching connections? What do you want to tell your audience about the text? What do you want your audience to do or to understand when they finish reading? (If the only answer is that you want your teacher to give you an A, you are not ready to write.) Maybe you don’t have a conclusion, but only a major question – that is an excellent starting point. Now organize your notes into related groups – by topic if that makes sense to you or by whatever structure will make your point. Once you are ready to write, use the standard school essay form: introduction with a thesis statement, three or four paragraphs to support the thesis, and a conclusion. If I start with an introduction, it is only to get me going; I know I will have to write the intro last becuase then I will have a better idea of what to use for a hook to get people’s attention and I can revise the thesis statement to reflect what I actually said..