HELP, i know nothing about ACT test???

HELP, i know nothing about ACT test???
i came from another country about 3 years ago, i went to high school for 2 years but then i dropped out and got a GED
i just got accepted by a college and i’m gonna take the ACT test next week
Q1. what is ACT test all about? what is the highest scores, passing scores, how many subjects, how much time for each subject?
Q2. what if i fail?
Q3. do i have to study real hard and prepare for the test?
Q4. my high school life was totally blank to me, i learned nothing from there, how and what am i gonna study?

i’m so nervous about the test

Ok, Calm down, its not that bad. Basically its the SAT without annoying writing and lots of painful grammar.

1. The ACT is a test to get into college and tests your math (Geometry/Algebra 1) and grades it on a 1-36 scale. 1-25 are not good scores. 25-27 are ok. 28-29 are good and 30-36 are great. Theres no pass/don’t pass but basically if you would base it on that standard a 24 i believe would be “passing”. The sections are: English, mathematics, reading, and science and the optional Writing Test measures skill in planning and writing a short essay. you have 45 minutes for english, an hour for math, 35 for reading, 35 for science and 30 minutes for optional writing.

2. if you fail, which is unlikely, then youll have to take it again pending college requirements. but if you feel you did HORRIBLE on it you can cancel it right there after taking it by not sending it to any college (check a box or something).

3. You can’t really study too hard for it this late, however look up strategies for standarized testing like this (for example- dont guess unless you can elminate 1 or more answers). Strategies will help you alot (another great strategy on the reading is to read the questions and underline the sentences they emphasize in the questions before you read the passage, and following the reading do the questions). It would be a waste to actually learn new material, just learn some good strategies of test taking like this.

4. ^ Study Strategies! Look online and take some practice tests (find out where you can get some practice tests).

Don’t be nervous. One of the main problems people have that makes people do worse on standardized testing like this is nervousness. Be calm, the ACT is not very hard (for anyone) and just try your best. have fun, good lucky!