Help i need to start an essay?

Help i need to start an essay?
I need to write a past present and future essay based on education and I have no idea how to start it. Its for college. Please help

*I’ll give you something to work with and perhaps some ideas that you can use.
These extracts are from an Honours degree and will require paraphrasing if you use of it.
I’ve even given you a couple of citations already, which might help you.
The first para is an opening to the dissertation and not a thesis statement.
Hope you can find some of this useful and get you off to a flying start.
REMEMBER – Paraphrase.

‘Schooling can take many forms and includes knowledge acquired through education and training, as well as know-how gained by typical day to day experiences. Learning is the key not just to survival but also to adaptation, and in the world in which we live with technology developing at such high speed it is increasingly difficult to keep up-to-date with the advances. Edification is therefore vital in upgrading

Various teaching methods have appeared over the millennia in an attempt to increase the population’s knowledge base, ranging from traditional to modern methods, some of which are ad hoc though equally valid.

Comprising the 3Rs, Reading; Riting and Rithmatic and learning by repetition were effective but now recognised as unimaginative methods which did not adapt the mind to development. This method of teaching was always considered to be beyond question and was categorised as ‘subjects were dictated by knowledge’, ‘children were categorised by their grades’ and ‘exam results dictated one’s achievements’. (Papert. 1993)

This form of schooling continued until 1907 when Maria ‘clean slate’ Montessori changed the way of teaching the curriculum, making it more suitable for developing minds and opening the way for other educational approaches (Rathunde & Csikszentmihalyi 2005).

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More learning methods,

Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI)’