HELP!! I’m going to college on August 25 should I keep my verizon wireless dumb phone or get a motorola charm?

HELP!! I’m going to college on August 25 should I keep my verizon wireless dumb phone or get a motorola charm?
Help, I am in major panic mode. My parental units are dysfunctional. They refused to instruct me in driving when I was 15 and eager to start learning, telling me I can do it myself. I barely graduated high school because I could not get on a computer. My family owns three computers and the one I operated on for 20 minutes a day!!! to do high school level schoolwork, was traded. We always own three computers but my stepfather is unpredictable. It always seems as I am doing something wrong, when I am trying to operate as a functioning and productive member of society. I barely graduated high school and have little to no life or social skills. Now I am supposed to move into a residence paid for almost entirely by my father to go to college. I have no way of getting a computer!!
I figured I would need a cellular telephone to correspond with potential employers and job offers. My family has t mobile but I know absolutely nothing about t mobile, so I subscribed to verizon ( I am in the chicago area). My mother at the time was trying to get into a 79.99 two line family plan, which is obscene due to her financial standing, and when times get rough phones are first to get switched off. So I thought if anything with verizon I can reduce my post-pay to $20 and be able to reasonably pay this. My family is unreliable so one second they say I will have a computer the next second they say I am responsible for absolutely everything myself. Motorola announced the charm, a full qwerty android capable phone, last week, arriving august 25. I looked into android and realized with unlimited data $25, I can be capable of social networking in order to obtain employment and fill in educational gaps with it. FOr example I can compose emails, to complete essay requirements for school and use public computers to compose powerpoints and publications. I would not need a computer. I live in an urban area so coverage is not a problem? I don’t know anything about GSM networks though, is the internet 3G, with t mobile, in chicago? SHould I pay the 205 dollar fee and go on with it knowing I could never switch back to verizon if they expanded 4G and my education went upside down? Is this entire plan crazy? ;_;

Android is a good way to go if you get the later phones, like the Motorola Droid X or Droid Incredible as they will be very functional. With Google supporting things like GoogleDocs, which are compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other like programs, Android might very well be your solution.

Some would say to just go to Craigslist and try to find a Netbook which is exactly what you need for what you want to do. But, why get a netbook if an Android phone can do all of the same? Well, perhaps a good argument would be that if you buy a netbook, say for $150 on Craigslist, eBay, or Amazon, at least you would not have the added expense of a monthly fee to use it as you would have with a Smart or shall I say Superphone. Also, remember that, with places like McDonald’s and Starbucks offering FREE wifi, you will be able to use your netbook anywhere with few limitations.

So, while owning an Android phone could be very practical, the costs add up. If you go out to eat often and don’t mind sparing the line cost plus the data plan premium, then I would go for the Android phones that I suggested.