help me with a thesis statement?

help me with a thesis statement?
Can you help with a thesis for this question I already wrote the essay but my teacher corrected it and he wants my essay to have a thesis. I am not good with doing thesis statements.

1. The Odyssey seems to present a much more elaborate description of the underworld than the one described in ” Enkidu’s Dream”. Using examples from both texts the Odyssey and Enkidu’s Dream, compare how these versions of the underworld are described and tell what you think the effect of belief in a more elaborate underworld would have on people who encounter it perhaps what would be the result of such a belief. Unify your response with a thesis statement in right place. Support that statement with quotes from both texts and examples.

It’s impossible to give an answer that will be compatible with your essay, without reading the essay! One possible thesis statement might be,

“Belief in a more elaborate underworld would cause religion to take a more central role in people’s lives; they would engage in more elaborate rituals in preparing for their eventual death.”

But I don’t know if that’s true. In a way, the assignment isn’t fair, because it’s asking you to both speculate AND support your answer with the text; I don’t think the text would support speculation about how these beliefs might affect the people who hold them.

Unless you’re assuming that the authors of the texts hold the beliefs — maybe you can draw some conclusions about the effects on the authors themselves??