Help me with my essay title and examples?

Help me with my essay title and examples?
I’m writing an argumentative essay on how money can’t buy happiness. What’s a creative title? Also please give me examples of how money can buy/can’t buy happiness. So far I’m using luxuries as a “temporary” thing and how some celebrities couldn’t buy happiness and committed suicide (Robin Williams). I’m having trouble with the “refuting of the opposing views” because I feel like the temporary and robin williams examples are both my claim and the refutations of the opposing view.. anyone have other ideas?

How do you define happiness? That might be a good place to begin. You could use the narcissistic, misogynistic, crass, bloviating, oafish buffoon Donald Trump as an example of someone who is driven to repeatedly boast about his monetary wealth which, in psychology circles, means he has a deep-rooted and all-consuming inferiority complex, believing that if he had no money he would have no actual value as a person. In Trump’s case, he even exaggerates that wealth when he boasts to impress people, claiming he is “worth $10 billion” when both Steve Forbes of “Forbes Magazine” and Bloomberg News show that the Trump wealth is more like $2.9 billion.

You could make your entire essay about hate-spewing Trump who likes to use his money as a battering ram or bribe if someone dares to challenge him in any way. Is he happy? If Trump is so happy, then how come he craves constant attention to bolster dangerously low self-esteem? His dealings are shady, to say the least, and he has had four business bankruptcies which cost his investors hundreds of billions of dollars, but each time he would sign away more and more of his power (or “brand”) to get himself out of trouble. Conman and phony, he offers nothing but fool’s gold that people mistake for the real stuff. I think if he starts coming down in the polls, Trump will pack it in, blame everybody else, and stomp off the stage attacking the whole political process because he was “rejected.” Trump is not a happy man.