Help me write this weird essay for a funny college project?

Help me write this weird essay for a funny college project?
If an outbreak of a new virus causes the reduction of the mental capicity of its victim by 75%, what will happen to the world? (would many things change? would people’s life differ from what they are now, or would they be too stupid to notice?what are the most drastic effects that might happen ?)
Ideas needed:)
Thank you

1.) There’d be the obvious abandonment of more complicated procedures, of course, the spectrum of which would be quite large; medical, commercial, government, social, mass communication (internet, telephone upkeep/maintenance).

2.)It’d be like what most would imagine cave-man life was, in it’s simplistic and routine nature. There’d be only the survivalist mode of thinking, prevalent at least, in the sense that the common man’s task would be providing shelter and food, and the common woman’s tasks would include the fundamentals of living, such as preparing food, raising children, etc.

3.)Perhaps the most intelligent people in the world (or small regions, considering the situation), having the most initial mental capacity, would form an organization of sorts, and they would be what could be referred to as “tribe elders”.

4.)It could also be neat to address the idea of ‘re-evolution’, and how long that might take. It’s kind of similar to pondering time-travel theory; if a man were to carry and leave a modern day M-16 rifle (with ammunition) to latter 1500’s feudal Japan, would the men of that time be able to figure out the structural mechanics? And perhaps even mass-manufacture, which would I’m sure lead to quite dire consequences…….So you must wonder, in this situation that you’ve proposed, whether or not the presence of “complicated” machinery, text, and what-have-ye, would lead to mankind returning to it’s former post, at least technology-wise. For if they’ve lost a whopping 75% of their mental capacity, they’d still be quite dim-witted.

Of course, if you were being specific in the use of the word “capacity”, one must consider what exactly you meant. I’ve read somewhere that it is nearly impossible for a person to EVER reach their full mental capacity, so you must take into consideration what level of fulfilling that capacity each person was at when the virus took effect. That could get rather messy when writing an essay.

Hope that helped, sure got my grey matter tickled.