Help needed for horse slaughter essay!!?

Help needed for horse slaughter essay!!?
I am 16 years old and for my english language a level course work i am writing a persuasive magazine article against horse slaughter. However it is going to be the kind of article that could be featured in a magazine such as ‘Horse and Hound’ so it can’t be too explicit. My problem is that i am now stuck as i don’t know how to talk about the awful things that happen to the horses when they finally get to the slaughter houses.
If anyone has any suggestions they would be much appreciated.
Thanks 🙂

– the condition of a slaughter house
– how the animals got there (maybe the person didn’t want them anymore, maybe it bucked, maybe it just didn’t jump high enough or run fast enough in the last competition)
– explain how they are slaughtered: mallets, a thin metal rod, etc. (I know it can get a little detailed and “yucky”, but I did the same report in 7th grade and got an A.)
– explain what happens to the animal after it is killed (dog food, glue, in some countries they even eat horses)
– mention rescue shelters and how there should be more of them(rescue from the slaughter house, rescue from abuse, horse rehab shelters, etc.)
– mention the fear the horses have for the last few moments of their lives. (write how the horse may be scared from the noises of the scared horses, the machines, the slaughter devices)

Good luck!