Help Needed How to write an essay?

Help Needed How to write an essay?
I need a little help on how to prepare an essay about Internet.What do you all think of the information age? how has it affected you? I have started the draft but I need some thoughts and ideas please. I really appreciate your assistance.

You asked ‘How to write an essay?’…

Step one: Research those who definitely are involved in the Information Age…Y!A participants…maybe or maybe not.
Step Two: Form your own opinion after consulting ‘good’ research sources.
Sept Three: Write
Introduction: Ask an interesting and pertinent question. Then give your personal belief statement in a single thesis sentence.
Body: Have at least 3 points and support them with evidence. Be sure to round it out by presenting and refuting the opposite opinion from yours as an important part of your written content.
Conclusion: No new info…write 1 summary sentence for each body paragraph.

I hope this provides some helpful guidelines for you. The best way to learn to do it is by doing it. Good luck

Some research information is available below, but if you want a good grade…use the public library. Add book sources and magazine articles. On this subject, you will find many.

Personal opinion…It has cultivated a strong interest in continued education in me and desire to follow recent research.