Help needed with Engliahs essay. Please,please,please help! I’m totally lost!?

Help needed with Engliahs essay. Please,please,please help! I’m totally lost!?
i finished reading A Tempest by Aime Cesaire and i have to pick a topic in the book that has been talked about/ criticized and then express my opinion (example: many critics say that Cesaire has a more accurate description of colonialism…. then i would say that my argument is that this is true then my essay shows their opinions to support my own). I hope u understand the assignment. i really need help. i tried looking up colonialism, power, magic, and identity as topics that are criticized and i cant find many sources that talk about it. most are essays written by students and the articles written by critics on e-notes i can’t view without paying $40. so please, please help me find sources about any topic in the book (try for identity, power, colonialism or magic) im really lost…..if u can help find any sources that would support a topic i would be really grateful. Thanks.

I’m in my college library, so I did a search and found some essays that might be of interest to you. I’m not sure how many of them you can access on your own, but if you go to your school or public library, you should be able to find some of them, or do your own search. Good luck!

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