Help on a scholarship application question?

Help on a scholarship application question?
it’s a 500-word essay on “how you intend to use the skills learned at [the school] to benefit others and society.” I’m having a hard time writing this because I feel like it’s a little vague? Would anyone happen to know what exactly they’re looking for. I think the hardest part is deriving 500 words about the skills I’ll use; I’m not sure what to talk about. When I’m done with school I want to be a Game Warden if that will help. I’m sure any ideas will help me. Thanks in advance!

You have to consider the source of the scholarship. If it is coming straight from the institution I bet the focus should incorporate what you want to do with what they can provide you. Will this school provide any hands on experience? If so, talk about how that experience will shape your future.

I would just talk about what you want to do and how that field is helpful to society (and animals and the environment) then tie that into how your school will help you reach your goals.

Get your English teacher (or a teach you are close to) to look it over and make sure you follow their word count! Good Luck! 🙂