Help on American Dream essay?

Help on American Dream essay?
Im asked to write an essay in where I define my own American dream.
So for me the american dream is being able to accomplish a dream or passion for something that in another place you wouldn’t be able to.
So I need help on my body paragraphs I don’t know what to write in them. Can you guys help me on how can I structure my body paragraphs and what to include?
Thanks. Any help is truly appreciated.

The American Dream is roughly defined as: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

So, Life is just that. Protection of, creation of.

Liberty is freedom. No, we are not free to be anarchists, we are free to believe in whatever we want, from Islam to the pink unicorn in space to scientology. Freedom to purchase goods, sell goods, and commercialize anything or patent virtually anything.

Pursuit: chasing the dreams you have of what you want to become. And the freedom to do it.

Sadly, this is America of 2012. Those dreams are gone and lost. Everything is already patented by Apple (thanks to the STUPID US Patent Laws), and everything is already commercialized. Thanks to these VERY freedoms, you, being the small guy in town, would be crushed by the conglomerates of major corporations in the most likely case.

Construct your essay around YOUR dreams of YOUR future. The American Dream is only limited to what you, as an individual or team, want to do with your life, and enterprise.