help on an essay for high school?

help on an essay for high school?
This is the essay; if you could have lunch with any person who would it be and why. heres my essay how can i improve it?!?!? (and this is for a high school exceptans wicked important)

In my opinion Oprah Winfrey would be the best lunch companion out of anyone in the world. She has proven to be extremely strong and morally sound. As a child she grew up very poor and managed to overcome poverty and grow up to be one of the wealthiest and successful people in the world. Also, not only was she poor she was an African American woman living in a time where racism and sexism were still very prevalent. Unlike most movie stars Oprah Winfrey is using her fame to change the world. She is the perfect example in my mind of what a single person can do for humanity.

This is a great start. To improve it, I would make it longer by adding a paragraph for each of these topics:

* What would your lunch with Oprah Winfrey be like?

Would you ask for her advice on something? Would you want to hear more of her stories? What would change for you as the result of the lunch? For example, when I was your age I wrote an essay on this same topic, except that it could be a dead person, too. I said that I would want to have lunch with Hitler to talk him out of it or at least poison his food.

* Who are some other people you considered and why was Oprah a better choice?

* Where would the lunch be? Why is that place or restaurant significant? Maybe you would like to show Oprah what things are like in your town, or see her philanthropic projects in South Africa.