Help on an essay on leadership?

Help on an essay on leadership?
So I have to write an essay on ‘what is leadership’ I have some general ideas but I would like to hear some other ideas too? Any idea?

A good leader is also a good follower, but not all followers make good leaders,
A good leader is sometimes chosen by election, and sometimes by necessity.
A good leader does not always make the right decisions, but is someone who is willing to make decisions when no one else is willing, and take responsibility for them.
Leaders understand that if youact like you know what you’re doing, others will believe in you, and you may come to believe in what you’re doing also.
A good leader commands respect without fear.
A good leader knows how to delegate tasks to others and folow up to make sure they are being accomplished.
A good leader is usually a good speaker, persuasive and motivating.
A good leader sees the bigger picture as well as all the details.

A good leader creates synergy: is able to find ways for other people to make contributions that end with a greater result than people working alone.
People who are leaders in some situations may not be good leaders in other situations.
Good leaders are problem-solvers, can deal with conflict and prioritze projects.