help on drug addiction essay?

help on drug addiction essay?
The task of a person recovering from addiction is to become substance-free and to live a healthy life in order to achieve their life goals. In order to become substance free, addicts can follow a five-step plan. The first step is to recognize the problem. The following steps involve wanting to be healthy, joining a support group to contact at any time for help, and choosing alternative behaviors to replace the addictive behaviors. The last step involves a good nutrition and exercise plan. Your project for this week is identify one step in the treatment plan. You will write a five-paragraph (6 to 9 sentences per paragraph) essay and explain what problems could occur if this step was skipped by a drug addict. Complete your essay by explaining why each step is important to complete so that a drug addict can recover and build a healthy lifestyle, free of drug dependence..

I’m going to give you an answer as a person who has a loved one who is a recovering addict…

If the person does not find healthy alternative behaviors/ and or hobbies to replace the addictive behaviors:

A person who is addicted to a drug must develop a whole new method for dealing with urges that come from being dependent on the drug of choice. They must substitute the wanting/needing of going to get the drug with something else more productive. When my boyfriend was first recovering his outlet was weight lifting. When he would get urges to go and buy the drug he would instead go downstairs and work out. He also developed a plan to become more open about his urges for the drug and agreed to talk to me about problems he was having in his own mind about the need to “do it one more time” to “just go out and get it” …. If he did not have me, or his drug councelors as support he would have just went out and did it “one more time” which would have turned into several more times, and so on. If he had not found other outlets for his addictive behaviors he would continue to do it “one more time” and it would have just turned inot several more times…. Do you get what i am saying here. All of the steps in this treatment plan link together in a way. If you do not recognize the problem then u are not going to do any of the further steps… If you do not figure out your addictive behaviors and change them, then you are going to go right back to your addictive behaviors which is going to lead to still being addicted instead of recovering, and so on and so forth.

A note to all addicts reading this, my boyfriend was not forced into rehab, or drug councelling, he did it on his own. He went to the counselling and when he would come home he said that hearing people talk about it would make him want to do it more. He had to litterly move from the people that he was around doing it with and readapt a whole new look on life, which was not easy at all…… on him or me. He was addicted to crack, and has been clean for over a year now. The percentage of people who return to this drug even after years of being clean is about 75%… i believe this is because most people that try to get help and want to stop do not totally move themselves from people or situations where the drug can be there. I hope he stays in the small percentage of people who do not use again, but only time can tell!!! Good luck to anyone trying to quit, who has quit or who has a loved one going through any of this!!!