Help On Othello Essay?

Help On Othello Essay?
I Have Been Set An Essay For Engish “Examine Iago’s Manipulation And Othello’s Decisiveness And How They Are Fundamental To The Plot Of The Play” Main Focus, Act III Scene III 🙂

Well im just thinking off the top of my head you can state how Iago manipulates Othellos weaknesses in order to get his way like uses Othellos weakness of only seeing the good in people and therfore trsting iago so easily.
Othellos decisiveness is based mainly on him being an idealist instead of a realist like Iago.
Iagos way of manipulating is also usng appearance vs reality where he put on a show of being truthful but in fact was deceitful and pure evil and without a conscience. his jealousy of Othellos rank drew him to this and Othellos pride drew him eventually to his destruction for he could not come to terms with being broken of this pride and thus thid blinded him of all sense.

I really hope i could be of some help i done Othello a real long time ago

Good luck with your essay