Help on writing a starting paragraph?? help?

Help on writing a starting paragraph?? help?
i am going on a trip to orlando(disney along with 3 college tours) with my school and i need to write an essay explaining why i should go and how i would benifit from it please help i have everything but the starting paragraph

Before starting your introductory paragraph, consider how many other people will be writing essays about why THEY should go. A good essay captures the attention of the reader–it stands out from the others.

So, some good ways NOT to start are:

“I think I should go to Orlando because…”
“Ever since I was little I’ve wanted to go to Orlando…”
“Here’s why I should go to Orlando:…”

Think about how many other essays will start like this. To make yours stand out, try shaking things up a bit. The people who’ll have to read these essays have a very boring job–reading a huge stack of essays where 90% or more start the exact same way. Make it your goal to make a good first impression of yourself, even with the very first sentence.