Help on writing a written account about medicine?

Help on writing a written account about medicine?
I need some serious help for an assignment due for my clinical work experience week.
The title is ‘Why I want to study medicine’ and I am not sure about how to approach it. Should I give a long two page account of all the different reasons as to why I am so passionate about medicine or should i do it in essay form?

Don’t worry too much about the format just concentrate on the content. Start by mapping our the different paragraphs:
Why you chose the career.
What you like about the subject.
How it fits with your personality/experience.
What stood out about the week to confirm your choice.
How your expectations are different from reality.
What you look forward to about studying medicine.

At the end, make sure you get someone you trust to read over it. If not try an editing company such as editangels who only charge a few £/$ for the service.
Good luck and just get stuck in!