HELP! persuasive essay!?

HELP! persuasive essay!?
write a persuasive essay describing a journalistic event or events that sparked your interest in journalism. help. i need some pointers on how to start it

What caused you to be interested in writing?

Was it the way 9/11 was handled? Was it the announcement of our new president or the death of Princess Diana? It is the way the newscasters get excited every time there is a storm?

What made you want to write?

For me, I was always nosy and wanting to know what was going on in the neighborhood. I even used to write my own newspapers when I was a kid. I wanted to be the one who spread the news because I watched and read the news with my family on a regular basis. I got my degree in journalism in 2002.

If you can think of a particular event that happened, see if you can track down the video on YouTube and relive the video now. See if you can feel what you felt the first time you saw it.

Explain the passion you feel when you watch these and how events like this make you want to write.

Last but not least, check out George Orwell’s essay entitled “Why I Write” for some guidance.